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Sunday, April 5, 2020



Originally published By Doug Krieger | March 24, 2020:


Dear Scott Harwell:

It was good having a chat with you his evening. I saw the image below from Doug Hamp’s online material. I like the Biblical theme presented of Yeshua being the root of the olive tree and the ultimate Branch out of whom the two anointings of Judah and Joseph / Ephraim emerge. In this imagery we can also understand Messiah as the stock of the tree and Him being the unifying reality set to reconcile and reunite the two sticks. And yes, these are the very two feuding houses, “the church and (Jewish) Israel”, that Dispensationalists say will NEVER be together and will remain forever separate. 

Big mistake there! That flawed theology, half-baked Israeology, and Judah alienating eschatology needs to be refuted. And why? Because if it is not then we can fully expect that this bad theology will spawn more bad politics, more anti-Semitism, and more sad histories.  

Messiah through the Holy Spirit will also be firing up the other anointings represented by all of the 12 jewels. This will energize the Great End-Time Revival of Joel 2:28-32. Grafted into Yeshua/ Jesus, the stock, we also see the Light to the Nations, (Isaiah 49:6), shining forth to gather the redeemed from among the heathen Gentiles. This great latter-day awakening will help greatly to complete the great end-time harvest. These are good news items that have not yet emerged out from under our present darkness.

This olive tree story is a great conversation starter. As you say, most evangelicals are familiar with it. They are OK with it, because it is staring at them from Romans chapter 11. But their understanding of the restoration of Israel goes only as far as the John Hagee, CUFI flag-waving for Israel, and the dispensationalist “Israel was restored in 1948”, talking points take them. But as you saw, when you made your presentation at the church, most Bible believing Christians have not yet heard the “rest of the story”. They are not tuned in to what happened at the Breach of Jeroboam, the separate histories of the subsequent two kingdoms through the centuries, and their ultimate reconciliation and restoration at the end of the saga in Messiah. And as you saw at your Bible study at the church, when that additional info was presented to them, they were blown away. 

This olive tree story founded in Messiah as the foundational root and Branch is a great intro for us. It is just one part of a mosaic of interconnected Biblical themes. It is through Messiah in the atoning blood of the New Covenant that the indwelling Messiah performs His wonders. But the New Covenant is far more than a “Me and Jesus” personal and individual redemption story. As we see in Ephesians 2:11-15, the atoning blood of Jesus is committed to perform through individuals a swelling national and COLLECTIVE action as well, in the Commonwealth of Israel. 

As we see in Zechariah 12, the Jewish house of Judah will be saved. When Messiah comes, He will raise up the Tabernacle of David. The royal House of David is in Judah. And when The Son of David comes as Shiloh, the one to whom the scepter belongs, He will establish His rule upon earth from the throne of David. In the hand of Messiah will be the scepter there together in unity with the stick of Joseph. This is the dual anointing and dual authority of Messiah in the Order of Melchizedek. So as both the High Priest and King of kings Messiah will restore the Nation of Israel and its Commonwealth as well as the Congregation/church. Both entities are destined to be cross-linked together as a single remnant Elect.

So what is the story here? The two sticks, the two olive trees, both the Commonwealth and the Congregation, are destined to become One in Messiah. They are not going to forever remain a royal nation, (the Jews), and a holy priesthood, (the Church). According to both Moses and the apostle Peter the feuding of the two factions will end. The two are set to become a single combined and complementary royal priesthood / holy nation. This happens in and through the dual anointing of Messiah in the Order of Melchizedek. During the latter days His Elect will bring in the dual witness to this dual anointing.  

Right there at the consummation of this age, Messiah will unseal all these mysteries. He will repair the breach, gather ALL Israel from out of the heathen nations, and restore all things. This will also bring a nice conclusion to the Seventy Weeks prophecy as well, — as we see in Daniel 9:24.

Looking forward to seeing your book take shape which features “Grafting Theology”. I like your idea of the two trees / two sticks to become one in the hand of Messiah. Also looking forward to you doing some more YouTube videos with us. As we are seeing, this COI restoration conversation is only just beginning to build up steam. It is all very exciting. 



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