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 is an Arizona nonprofit corporation.

Around the time Douglas Krieger released his book on Commonwealth Theology in early 2018 it became apparent within the burgeoning Commonwealth of Israel Movement that a reference-notes study Bible would be advantageous. Indeed, Protestant/Reformed and Dispensation Theology - the immediate predecessors to Commonwealth Theology - both disseminated their views to the pulpit through the publication of  reference Bibles; the Geneva Study Bible and the Scofield Reference Bible, respectively.

Thus this Foundation was birthed with its primary educational objective being the production of an annotated reference/study-notes Bible. The Bible will present readers with a comprehensive application of Commonwealth Theology to the sixty-six canonical books generally accepted as inspired Scriptures.

The Commonwealth of Israel Foundation may also produce, or cause to be produced for the purpose of biblical education, reference or annotated New Testaments, Bible commentaries on individual books of the Bible, commentary sets, original translations of the Bible, and other forms of biblical education which would further our educational and public awareness objectives.

See our Mission, Beliefs, and Statement of Faith pages on the tabs and footer of this website for more information about the Foundation.

If you have questions or are interested in supporting our mission through opportunities or donations please contact us:

Commonwealth of Israel Foundation
P.O. Box 31007
Phoenix, AZ 85046

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Board of Directors and Officers

Chair of the Board - Douglas W. Krieger


Douglas W. Krieger is the owner of Tribnet Publications, editor of, and a prolific author. He has served as Education Administrator for public schools for more than 20 years, as well as Public Relations and (formerly) the Executive Director of the National Religious Broadcasters National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel during the 1980’s. He holds a BA/Admin. Cred. from CSU-LA/CSUS. Additionally, he was a pastor during the Jesus Movement. During the Reagan Administration Doug attended White House briefings with the Religious Roundtable and the American Forum for Jewish-Christian Cooperation.

Dr. Douglas Hamp
President - Dr. Douglas Hamp
Dr. Douglas Hamp earned his M.A. in the Bible and its World from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. He served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for six years, where he lectured and developed curriculum at the School of Ministry, Spanish School of Ministry and Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School. He is the author of numerous books, articles, & DVDs and has appeared on national and international TV, radio, and internet programs in English and in Spanish. He is senior pastor of the Way Congregation in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Dr. Gavin Finley
Director - Gavin Finley MD
Dr. Gavin Finley is a retired anesthesiologist currently engaged as a writer, speaker, and blogger on Bible prophecy themes. He is the administrator of Gavin's autobiographical sketch can be read at:

Secretary - Chris Steinle 

Chris Steinle is a former pastor and retired CPA with over 25 years experience in business leadership as CFO and corporate treasurer. His ministry experience includes staff assignments as assistant and administrative pastor as well as international radio evangelism. Chris has also authored several books.

If you are excited about the work we are doing or interested in being recognized as an affiliate, would like to volunteer skills and services such as biblical language expertise, editing, social media, or other talents, please visit our OPPORTUNITIES page.

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