Thursday, March 7, 2019

ONE IN MESSIAH Convocation- Denver, July 2019

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One in Messiah Denver 2019 link to
One in Messiah Denver 2019

Meet Commonwealth of Israel Foundation Board members Doug Krieger, Dr. Douglas Hamp, Dr. Gavin Finley, and Chris Steinle along with a dozen other top names in the Commonwealth of Israel Movement.

Learn more and fellowship with like-minded believers in Yeshua who are recognizing the significance of the two houses mentioned repeatedly in the Old Covenant Writings and how they relate to the New Covenant and the Commonwealth of Israel.

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One in Messiah is a 4 day retreat full of amazing speakers, fellowship & fun for the whole family!

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Dr. Douglas Hamp 
- Author, Lecturer, Senior Pastor at The Way Congregation

- Author, Publisher, RTD. Public School Administrator

Henry Hon 
- Entrepreneur, Author

S. Douglas Woodward 
- Author, Publisher, Conference Speaker, Adjunct Professor

Hanoch Young 
- International Speaker & Israeli Tour Guide

Gidon Ariel 
- Founder and CEO of Root Source

Bob O'Dell 
- Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, co-founder of Root Source

Dr. William Watson 
- Professor Colorado Christian & Author of Prophecy

Ola Abraham 
- CEO of EastWind Laboratories, Missionary

John Haller, Esq. 
- Corporate Attorney, Editor of Prophecy Update

- Bible Researcher, Author

- MD Rtd

Rabbi Stewart Lieberman 
- Or Chaim Messianic Congregation

Patricia Iorillo, M.S. 
- Author, Instructor, Coach

Jerri Tuck 
- Evangelist, Author, Retired Real Estate Broker

Pastor Doug Douglas Shearer 
- SR. PASTOR EMERITUS, New Hope Christian Fellowship, Sacramento, CA

Ruel Guerrero 
- Clinical Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor

Rabbi Alan Howell

Join 300+ of your friends for this life changing event!

The Way Congregation church picnic and baptisms is July 13th – consider joining us for that, then doing some sight seeing in Colorado and then coming to the conference the following Thursday.

​Speakers’ topics include:

Commonwealth Theology,
Regathering of the Two Sticks
Identifying the Ten Tribes
The Real Rapture
Workshops include:

Song writing workshop
Hebrew Crash course
Messianic Dance
Shofar Blowing
Kids’ activities include:

Bounce house
*Kiddie pool* TBD
Structured games
Supervised free-time on the playground
Bible lessons
Family Activities

Worship under the stars

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