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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Commonwealth Theology 101

Biblical study from Ephesians 2:11-14 that shows that it is the blood of Christ in the New Covenant, His Presence in the hearts, and His return to His Holy City Jerusalem, that reunites the two estranged and feuding houses of Israel. As we see in Revelation chapter 7, this remarkable reconciliation, reunion, and restoration of all 12 tribes, including the royal Jewish House of Judah, will be happening in association with the end-time witness, the end-time harvest, with the in-gathering of people from every nation race and tribe.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Part 1 of a series on Biblical Israel

Scott Harwell presents Part 1 of a series on Biblical Israel. The story begins  with God calling out a people from the nations to Himself. He describes how Israel arose out of the family line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but outsiders could join Israel by being adopted into the nation of Israel and by entering into covenant with the God if Israel. 

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Tabernacle of David and "The United Kingdom of David"

Followers of Yeshua:  You are within the UNITED KINGDOM OF DAVID - SAY WHAT?  That's right--check out Acts 15:12-17 where James quotes from Amos 9:11-12 and confirms that the inclusion of the Nations--the Gentiles--into the fledgling EKKLESIA was indeed the fulfillment of the prophet's predictions!  You're in it and so are all those who call upon the Name of the Lord--This is the TABERNACLE OF DAVID - this is the very essence of Commonwealth Theology which shall cover the earth in the Latter Days - TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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Doug Krieger thinks so . . . Why is the Torah so elaborate regarding the numbering of the tribes surrounding the Tabernacle in the Wilderness? I have always wondered about the numbering of the 12 Tribes surrounding the Tabernacle in the Wilderness with the three clans of Levites + Moses and Aaron in the center in the immediate proximity of the Tabernacle. Why would the Spirit of God, through Moses, be so precise, so detailed, regarding the numbering of the 12 Tribes of Israel surrounding the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (Numbers Chapters 2 & 3). See:

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Commonwealth Theology Open Forum with Steve Stars

Commonwealth Theology on Radio KHNC-1360, Open Forum with Steve Stars.

In this radio show, KHNC-1360, Open Forum, host Steve Stars is joined by attorney Scott Harwell and retired anesthesiologist, Dr. Gavin Finley. The subject is Commonwealth Theology or Grafting Theology.

Friday, August 7, 2020



Commonwealth Theology Essentials paperback full cover
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“In history, there are important movements and beliefs that change the course of history. This book captures the essence of an awakening that is occurring around the globe. Followers of Yeshua, that is Jesus, are seeing that their identity—as full members of the House of Israel—has been hidden from them. This veil is falling away and Commonwealth Theology both captures what is occurring and is enlightening to seeing the truth. This book will open your eyes to the truth in Scripture as you've never seen it before.” —Spencer G. Bolduc, Host of Sound the Shofar: The Quest for Biblical Truth

“God, in His sovereignty, has chosen these four authors to be pioneers and forerunners to bring the Commonwealth Theology to the proper degree of understanding the Church needs today. This is about the United and Holy Congregation of the Living God.” —Gian Luca Morotti, Chairman of the Board Ebenezer Operation Exodus Israel

“One of the most confusing things is the changing vision of the Church. Why is it here? What is its main purpose? What should it look like? What should it do?
The Early Church evolved from a rag-tag group of believers meeting in homes but quickly transitioned into buildings and organized clergy. In the beginning, the Jewish founders began to fall into ill repute until the organized church viewed them as the ‘Christ killing’ enemy. Jews and Christians struggled with the ‘family feud’ of Romans 11. The full-blown Roman Catholic Church was a worldwide organization that had no room for Jews as a whole.

Along comes the Reformation; and, the Catholic Church shattered into many pieces. As each new church or ministry began, they usually developed their own theology and vision for the Church. Each new spin-off led to another division: doctrinal position, organization of the clergy and laity, the role of gifts, prophecy, etc. Dispensationalists and ‘kingdom now’ covenant theologians argued vehemently over Israel and its role, if any.

The simple give-and-take of the saints, meeting around the Lord in a unity of love and the Spirit, was largely forgotten. Each church or ministry developed into a crystallized organization that mainly operated within its own confines—little fiefdoms that each pastor jealously guarded. There was little vision for the Church’s mission and testimony, and no interest in prophecy. Today, most Christians cling to the theology they were taught. There is no unifying vision that all of those who are bought with the blood of the Lamb can gather around. No unifying vision or theology! That is, until Commonwealth Theology, which gives Christians a way to go on together without renouncing the things they hold dear.

This point of view also recognizes that we are in the ‘last days’ and Israel is the ‘canary in the coal mine.’ History is almost ‘a wrap’ and life for Christians will deteriorate before the Lord’s return. The call is for the saints and Israel to stand together as a testimony of Christ here on the earth no matter how dangerous or unpopular.” —Dene McGriff. Dene is a retired International HMO Executive (HMO—Health Maintenance Organization)—having organized numerous HMOs for various nations.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Commonwealth Theology Essentials at Amazon


Get the latest insights from leaders in the Commonwealth Theology movement and support the creation of the “Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible.”

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Book Description:
In January 2018 Douglas W. Krieger premiered his groundbreaking work, “Commonwealth Theology: An Introduction.” Joined by Bible researchers, Dr. Douglas Hamp, Dr. Gavin Finley, and Chris Steinle, “Essentials” expands the application of Commonwealth Theology (CT) to address even more aspects of biblical theology - areas of theology which have either been ignored or contradicted within mainstream theologies. Indeed, CT reaffirms the truly biblical tenets of both Catholic-Reformed and Dispensation Theology, while resolving Christendom’s greatest areas of conflict by examining these heretofore enigmas in the light of Commonwealth Theology.

“Essentials” is presented in two main sections: Elements of Commonwealth Theology; and, Commonwealth Eschatology. Following the introduction, which lays out the need  and benefits of CT in defining the relationship between the Jews and the Church, the “Elements” section summarizes the core theological basics from Krieger’s initial work; as well as covering new insights from all four of the authors.

Some of the elements of CT expounded in the first sections include: Krieger’s analysis of mainline Christianity’s treatment of the Jews in terms of “Distinction” and “Separation”; Comparisons of Reformed, Dispensation, and Commonwealth Theology; The peace and unity purchased by Christ with implications for Gentiles and Jews; The plight of the two houses of Israel and the significance of the scattered Northern Kingdom; The mystery hidden but revealed in the New Testament; The import of the Jerusalem Council; Heresies adopted by the Early Church; False juxtaposition of Law and Grace; The Breach of Jeroboam; The two offices of Melchizedek; and, Israel’s divorce and remarriage.

Part II: Commonwealth Eschatology contains, among other topics: How to reconcile partially fulfilled Messianic prophecies; The thematic view of Revelation; The Future 70th Week; The Gentile connection to Jacob’s Trouble; Analysis of the Resurrection/Rapture; and, What happens on the Day of the Second Coming?

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support the Commonwealth of Israel Foundation and its primary objective - the production of the Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible. More than a dozen Bible scholars and leaders in the COI community are already at work, volunteering commentary and lexical references toward the completion of this educational and inspiring study-notes Bible. Please visit or .org to learn more about the Foundation.


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Introducing the Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible

Chad Schafer was gracious to host the Bible Committee of the Commonwealth of Israel Foundation - Dr. Douglas Hamp, Doug Krieger, Dr. Gavin Finley and (Chris) CW Steinle.

The focus of discussion is the creation of the "Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible" - a study notes Bible to meet the needs of the growing Commonwealth of Israel oriented world-wide community. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020



Originally published By Doug Krieger | March 24, 2020:

Friday, March 6, 2020

Dual Anointing-Dual Witness that Restores ALL Israel

The Dual Anointing and Dual Witness that Restores ALL Israel

The indwelling Christ in the New Covenant is the key, even the key of David. In the dual office of Messiah in the Order of Melchizedek we see the dual anointing in Messiah as both King of Salem (Peace) and High Priest of (Almighty) God Most High. He is the ultimate peacemaker. In His dual witness He is destined to repair the breach, be a Light to the Gentiles and gather the whole company of the redeemed. This is the way He will bring the promised Peace on Earth as prophesied in Holy Scripture.