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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Commonwealth Theology Essentials at Amazon


Get the latest insights from leaders in the Commonwealth Theology movement and support the creation of the “Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible.”

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Book Description:
In January 2018 Douglas W. Krieger premiered his groundbreaking work, “Commonwealth Theology: An Introduction.” Joined by Bible researchers, Dr. Douglas Hamp, Dr. Gavin Finley, and Chris Steinle, “Essentials” expands the application of Commonwealth Theology (CT) to address even more aspects of biblical theology - areas of theology which have either been ignored or contradicted within mainstream theologies. Indeed, CT reaffirms the truly biblical tenets of both Catholic-Reformed and Dispensation Theology, while resolving Christendom’s greatest areas of conflict by examining these heretofore enigmas in the light of Commonwealth Theology.

“Essentials” is presented in two main sections: Elements of Commonwealth Theology; and, Commonwealth Eschatology. Following the introduction, which lays out the need  and benefits of CT in defining the relationship between the Jews and the Church, the “Elements” section summarizes the core theological basics from Krieger’s initial work; as well as covering new insights from all four of the authors.

Some of the elements of CT expounded in the first sections include: Krieger’s analysis of mainline Christianity’s treatment of the Jews in terms of “Distinction” and “Separation”; Comparisons of Reformed, Dispensation, and Commonwealth Theology; The peace and unity purchased by Christ with implications for Gentiles and Jews; The plight of the two houses of Israel and the significance of the scattered Northern Kingdom; The mystery hidden but revealed in the New Testament; The import of the Jerusalem Council; Heresies adopted by the Early Church; False juxtaposition of Law and Grace; The Breach of Jeroboam; The two offices of Melchizedek; and, Israel’s divorce and remarriage.

Part II: Commonwealth Eschatology contains, among other topics: How to reconcile partially fulfilled Messianic prophecies; The thematic view of Revelation; The Future 70th Week; The Gentile connection to Jacob’s Trouble; Analysis of the Resurrection/Rapture; and, What happens on the Day of the Second Coming?

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support the Commonwealth of Israel Foundation and its primary objective - the production of the Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible. More than a dozen Bible scholars and leaders in the COI community are already at work, volunteering commentary and lexical references toward the completion of this educational and inspiring study-notes Bible. Please visit or .org to learn more about the Foundation.


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Introducing the Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible

Chad Schafer was gracious to host the Bible Committee of the Commonwealth of Israel Foundation - Dr. Douglas Hamp, Doug Krieger, Dr. Gavin Finley and (Chris) CW Steinle.

The focus of discussion is the creation of the "Commonwealth of Israel Reference Bible" - a study notes Bible to meet the needs of the growing Commonwealth of Israel oriented world-wide community.