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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Denver Declaration - Summer 2019


During the course of 2017-2019 a number of believers in Messiah – Jesus – realized from their doctrinal backgrounds that the major theological paradigms now prevalent primarily within evangelical circles were either inherited from Roman Catholicism and Reformational Churches and/or from more modern forms of systematic theology, primarily those with premillennarian/dispensational emphasis. Coupled with these older bodies of doctrinal emphases were eschatologies which emphasized the “disinheritance” of Israel (aka, the Jews) expressed in the corpus of what is considered Replacement/Rejection theology wherein “Israel” is solely the New Israel of God—i.e., the Church; whereas in Dispensational thinking the Ekklesia/Congregation/Church is wholly disconnected from the tribe of Judah (i.e., the Jews) wherein God’s plan for both the Church and “Israel” are utterly disconnected, the one from the other.