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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Commonwealth Theology - Ecclesiology, Dr. Douglas Hamp

The Berean Dialogues Audio Podcast: 

Dialogue #11 - Ecclesiology (Part 1) - Commonwealth Theology

Today’s dialogue is the 1st of a two-part series focusing on Ecclesiology specifically concerning the Nation of Israel and the Gentiles. In the 1st episode, I will be interviewing Dr. Douglas Hamp. Brother Doug believes in what is known as “Commonwealth Theology” which teaches that the Church is not a separate entity from the nation of Israel but rather gentiles become part of the commonwealth of Israel after we come to Christ in faith. Commonwealth Theology is a unique alternative to both replacement theology and dispensational theology. In the next episode, I will be interviewing Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. Brother Arnold is a Dispensationalist that affirms that the church and the nation of Israel are two separate entities. So are Gentiles actually citizens of the nation of Israel or are we something completely different? Let’s Talk about it.

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