Thursday, July 9, 2020

Israel and Individuals Reconciled by the Same Atonement


A National and Individual Atonement

Has God abandoned His promises and prophecies concerning the future of National Israel. Must National Israel be reconciled to God at another time or under a different covenant? Can we explain the apparent lag between individual redemption and the redemption of National Israel? How did the earliest believers in Jesus resolve the difference between their own Messianic expectations and the accomplishments of Christ’s first coming?

Christ has reconciled all things (Col. 1:20). Mainline theologies disagree on whether peace with God has been extended to National Israel, now or in the future. Catholic, Reformed, and Dispensation systems have incorrectly interpreted Bible prophecies about Israel (past and future) because they have ignored the method applied by the Apostles. This presentation explains the method used by the New Testament writers that can even account for seemingly partially fulfilled Messianic prophecies – a profound obstacle to traditional Judaism. Learn what the Earliest (all Jewish) Church believed about national salvation and how the mission of the Hebrew Messiah has been veiled by mainstream Christianity:

"Reconciling Unfulfilled Messianic Prophecies" is one of 22 chapters presented in COMMONWEALTH THEOLOGY ESSENTIALS. The chapter covers a more robust application of the New Testament's method of distinguishing between spiritually recognized and physically realized prophecy:

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